Women We Love: Margot Leadbetter

TUESDAY, JUNE 15, 2010

For those who are too young to have seen the camp 1970’s sitcom The Good Life, you would be missing out on the most wonderful character television has seen. Margot Leadbetter (Penelope Keith), a snobby, busy-body who hen-pecks her middle-class husband Jerry and talks down to her hippy neighbours Tom & Barbara all the while stirring a strong martini, has one of the most fabulous wardrobes and style that I’ve seen. Glamour is her middle name. Turbans, jumpsuits, big bold jewellery, flared ‘slacks’, bright kaftans, fur coats, flouncy blouses and gaudy florals make up her wardrobe.  She never has a hair out of place, is never seen without make-up, or a stiff drink in her hand. Quite simply, she’s brilliant.

As it’s the 35th anniversary of The Good Life, I’m thrilled to find out that they’re re-releasing the entire series on DVD in October and BBC2 have enlisted the hilarious Giles Coren & Sue Perkins to step back to 1975 to recreate the wonderful programme. I can’t wait!

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