Stand by your man?


Fresh from a four day Bank Holiday break I couldn?t wait to get back to my daily fix of celebrity gossip. Dominating the press still is Cheryl Cole; who continues to break out a fabulous new ?I?m doing fine? outfit every day. The latest snap shots of Cheryl forced the ALoL office in a raging debate often avoided by women for fear of shame and disapproval. So the question is - if your man cheats do you forgive him or kick him to the kerb?

The ALoL was completely divided obviously, with some sheepishly admitting they would stand by their man whilst others said they would be packing his bags! But can all be forgiven and forgotten? Leaked news of the Cheryl v Ashley spat says that Cheryl?s sudden rise to stardom beyond Girls Aloud was to blame. But in a modern life can we really blame a successful career as an excuse to cheat? Fair enough moving in the mother-in-law wouldn?t have made life in the Cole household anything like the Walton?s; but if Ashley couldn?t stomach that his wife was becoming a national treasure there is no doubt in the ALoL office she is better off without him.

So, would you forgive a cheating partner? Only time will tell if Cheryl will do the same...       


Picture courtesy of David Dyson and Daily Mail.


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  • Santana Fulk says:
    Thursday, April 8, 2010
    you can MAYBE forgive him once, under special circumstances. But if you do he has to walk on eggs#-%#&#s to prove his love for you and regain your trust. Otherwise kick him to the curb. If you dont ditch him he will think he can walk all over you.