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  • RIP Rue McClanahan

    FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2010

    We were saddened at Anna Lou of London to hear of the death of Rue McClanahan, most famously known as Blanche from the Golden Girls. The Golden Girls were to the 1980's what Sex & The City is in the naughties. And Blanche was definitely the original Samantha.

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  • This weeks NFW (New Favourite Website): Naag.com

    WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16, 2010
  • Could you go on a fashion diet?

    THURSDAY, JULY 29, 2010

    I'm not sure how I came across this article in the New York Times - but I haven't stopped thinking what a great idea it is. Doesn't matter what your budget is (whether it's New Look or Chanel) we're all guilty of buying too many clothes (because of that giddy new clothes feeling) yet not making the most of what's already in our wardrobe.

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  • Anna Lou's Diary

    FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2010

    I thought I?d kick off the blog with what?s happening this week in Paris as it?s the much admired Haute Couture Week. (But first I want to mention Anna Lou will be seen with new collections at Paris Fashion Week at Pret-A-Porter from the 5th-8th March at a show called THE BOX.)

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  • Anna Lou's Style Barometer


    Check out my favourite things in the world of Anna Lou this week and the things dropping below the office gossip mill... Going up: Sue Sylvester: The UK has gone Glee (E4, Mondays) crazy. Though let?s face it ? anything that was going to combine the sunshine-y goodness of High School Musical, with the ?who?s the baby daddy?? drama of a daytime American soap and the adorable outfits of an Obsessive Compulsive Student Councillor ?was going to be a hit.

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