Easter Truths


The office is a hum of activity and positively glowing on the thought that the Easter Bank Holiday is around the corner. But whilst we are all tucking into our choccie eggs on Sunday, do we ever think about where our delicious chocolate comes from?

Office manager, Ligia watched a BBC documentary earlier in the week which has definitely got us all wondering how our scrumptious sugar fix gets to the UK. Apparently this Easter the UK will get through 80 million eggs! It is just horrid to think that a majority of those will be made from coco beans harvested by exploited individuals.

I think spending just a little bit more this Easter on a Fair-Trade chocolate egg will definitely give you a rush better than any chocolate induced indulgence. So will you be enjoying a Fair-trade Easter egg this weekend like the Anna Lou office?     

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  • Simon says:
    Monday, October 10, 2011
    Glad to see that you are busy Anna. Please check your inbox. Emailed you just now. Simon