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  • Easter Truths

    THURSDAY, APRIL 1, 2010

    The office is a hum of activity and positively glowing on the thought that the Easter Bank Holiday is around the corner. But whilst we are all tucking into our choccie eggs on Sunday, do we ever think about where our delicious chocolate comes from?

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  • Stand by your man?

    TUESDAY, APRIL 6, 2010

    Fresh from a four day Bank Holiday break I couldn?t wait to get back to my daily fix of celebrity gossip. Dominating the press still is Cheryl Cole; who continues to break out a fabulous new ?I?m doing fine? outfit every day. The latest snap shots of Cheryl forced the ALoL office in a raging debate often avoided by women for fear of shame and disapproval.

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  • Absolutely Fabulous, darling

    WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7, 2010

    Some great news arrived in my inbox just before the Easter break - my company has been short listed for the UK Fashion & Textile Export Awards 2010 in the Accessories category.  I?m nominated with some excellent company, Alex Monroe and Linda Farrow so all fingers, toes and limbs are crossed!.

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  • War of the Wives

    THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 2010

    This week saw the big Election 2010 announced and so let battle commence! The obvious question being - who has your vote? But forget the policies and slander, we say bring on the girls!

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  • The shoes that dreams are made of

    FRIDAY, APRIL 9, 2010

    I am totally in love with Miu Miu's S/S 2010 collection. The prints, colours and dresses are a dream. And the shoes. Have you seen anything more lovely than these satin platforms dotted with swallows? I will ignore the price tag and the fact I will spill a drink on them or step in a puddle as soon as I put them on.

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  • More about me!

    SUNDAY, APRIL 11, 2010

    Celebrity biographies make me laugh. I love reading about celebrities in magazines, watching films with them in and following their TV shows but surely that's enough? Clearly not. They want us to know about every single aspect of their lives. I can undertand the biographies of well lived celebrities like Madonna and Shirley Bassey to mention a couple but the likes of Sharon Osbourne, I haven't read her 2 books but I can only imagine she repeats everything we know already.

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  • Fake Tan Foolery

    TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 2010

    I love spring – its official. The daffodils, cocktails after 6 and the glorious spring weather. But nothing makes me recoil in sunshine-induced horror more than the thought of going bare-legged in the next few months.

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  • All the single ladies ....... oh.

    WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, 2010

    I love my boyfriend. It's true. But sometimes I miss my single days where there wasn't a smelly snoring boy in my bed. When I could watch The Hills without judgement and take as long as like to get ready to go out. So when I saw this youtube clip of kids in the back of the car singing Beyonce's now legendary All The Single Ladies, I too felt the same as the little boy who was told he wasn't, in fact, a single lady.

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  • Women we love: Anna Dello Russo

    THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 2010

    I was excited to be in contact with Vogue Japan this week – look out for us in their July issue. We love Vogue Japan (or Nippon to the locals) at Anna Lou. If you’re a fan of fashion websites, you would no doubt know of the tour de force that is their Fashion Director at Large, Anna Dello Russo.

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  • 'Anna Lou for Disney' the wait is over!

    FRIDAY, APRIL 16, 2010

    After much excitable waiting in the Anna Lou office, I am pleased to announce that the ‘Anna for Disney’ collection is now available. Many loyal ALoL fans have been waiting since March after pre-ordering the exclusive collection. But no longer do you have to wait to get your hands on your own piece of unique Anna Lou jewellery.

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  • Let them eat cake! (Anna Lou style)

    SUNDAY, APRIL 18, 2010

    While the rest of you were baking in the sun this Sunday I was having a little baking session of my own. As my Mother has been stuck in Singapore for the last few days after trying to get back from Oz, I found myself heading out to my parents' house in the countryside with Aidie and a couple of friends.

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  • Telling it like it is...

    TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 2010

    On Friday evening I went to a friend’s leaving party before her amazing American road-trip. Camera flashes were everywhere and only after a candid shot had been uploaded online did I notice I had lipstick on my teeth. A quick de-tagging was in order of course, but all I could think of was how many people had a spoken to with my Dame Edna style lippy going on! .

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  • Joe & The Juice

    THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 2010

    Oxford Circus is not the place you’d think to hang out on your lunchbreak or to meet your friends – unless you’re planning a shopping trip to Topshop or you are, in fact, mental.  Tourists galore, chuggers, muggers, and horrid restaurants with pictures of the food on the menu, evil coffee chains and carphone warehouses are not fun to hang around, especially when just around the corner are the cobbled streets of Soho for boutiques, fun bars and restaurants.

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  • What Lunch Where?

    FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 2010

    The big question in the ALoL office when lunchtime hits - what do I want for lunch? Our head office is the heart of London’s trendy West-End and we are treated to a delight of Soho’s finest sandwich shops and eateries, but you can get stuck in a sandwich-style rut.

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  • Diana Vickers tops the charts

    MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2010

    Congratulations to Diana Vickers who went to Number One in the charts over the weekend with her song Once. We're quite taken with the filmclip. Doesn't she have excellent taste in jewellery?

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  • Look of the Day - Playsuit

    MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2010

    I love looking at streetstyle pics and found this absolute gorgeous outfit on ELLE of this stylish New Yorker (a model I'm guessing with those pins). Now searching for the perfect playsuit to frollick in this summer. Looks great with the denim shirt as a makeshift jacket.

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  • Grace Kelly - A Style Icon

    TUESDAY, APRIL 27, 2010

    Want to enjoy a bit of culture that won’t push you into an early afternoon nap? Anna Lou office favourite – the V&A Museum have come up a treat with an entire exhibition devoted to style icon; Grace Kelly. The exhibition explores the story of her amazing transformation from Hollywood actress to Princess.

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  • Park life

    WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28, 2010

    Now the sun is shining down on London its time to hit London's parks. Here are my favourites London Fields:  perfect for people watching the cool kids, Greenwich Park: see the city from the top in panoramic view, Jubilee Gardens: beautiful at night when the city lights blink, Springfield Park: great for a lunchtime picnic, Kew Gardens: filled with pretty, sweet smelling flowers.

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