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  • New Year..New fluro accessories.


    Add a dazzling hit of colour to your wardrobe and get some eye-popping neons going on. Fluro is not just associated with young or street fashion this season its time for the adults to add it to their ensemble. Watch this space as these are on their way to my website in the next couple of weeks for pre-order only sales.

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  • What do you think? Be honest!


    Heres a few images as a sneak preview into my newest collections. My new show-stopping jewellery coming soon.

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  • My husband isnt the only stud I allow in my bedroom!


    I have these bangles all stacked high in my jewellery box ready to jazz up my daytime look or make a statement at night.  They are featured in Elle and Look magazine this month ( today in fact!) which is a great aswell. These 14kt gold micro studded bangle looks great when worn alone or when stacked high.

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  • Talk about my dream bed

    FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 2011

    This bed makes me wants to curl up. My bed has died and I'm sleeping on the floor on a matress. It's an amazing matress but I feel like a student again. I've just shown Ad ( my husband) and he likes it...bonus! I just hope, pray and find a way of owning this...soon.

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  • New Valentines products just added


    Love and friendship gift ideas. Order a gorgeous present for her today. You can’t go wrong with our best seller, a personalised initial necklace. Guaranteed fast delivery www.annalouoflondon.com x.

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  • Shits n' giggles

    TUESDAY, JANUARY 25, 2011

    It brings me great joy to say that today is almost over. It has been horrid as I've been assisting with our accounts. But there's always a plus on the most dreaded day of the month. I spent best  part of the evening going through my to-do-list and moving forward what still hasnt been done.

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  • Relationship Body

    THURSDAY, JANUARY 27, 2011

    I’ve been at the 'diet starts on Monday' stage for a few months now, it’s pretty tiring. This is when I'm constantly declaring to my friends or significant other that you’re “starting a diet on Monday, definately” right before tearing into a MacDonalds or 3 pints of Cider on a Sunday afternoon with a roast.

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